Prosperity on Purpose

Prosperity On Purpose: The Essentials for Living Richly in Every Way will help you determine what you truly value – in life, in work, in relationships, in yourself – and uncover the steps and changes necessary to honour your values every day. Learn to live life with power, passion and purpose.

"'Prosperity on Purpose' was revitalizing and beautifully presented. Rhoberta is delightful, well-informed, right to the point, challenging and fun. This program is well worth your time and commitment.
- Betty Bulen, R.N.
Founder, The Elizabeth Hospice
San Diego, CA

"Dr. Shaler inspires us to know that Living Richly is within our grasp. She gave us a roadmap to success. Her messages are both timely and timeless. Wow!"
- Keith Couch
Director of Quality Assurance
Software Technology
Host of QA Wise Radio Show.

“Prosperity on Purpose™ is the course where the rubber hits the road - the one where you put your life energy where your mouth is. It's the course for you - if you are willing to do more (much more) than wish and dream to realize your highest potential."
- Mary Marshall,
Marketing planner/Strategist
Salem, OR

Prosperity on Purpose™ Seminar Series

Rhoberta Shaler, PhD presents Eight Essentials for Living Richly in Every Way. This is the COMPLETE 8-part Prosperity On Purpose Seminar Series in a portable training system that can be a wonderful source of inspiration and motivation anytime you need it!

Discover the power of Living Richly today!

Available on 8 CD's in a handy carrying case.

$197 US

This complete 8-session program costs over $300 per person to attend live.

Get all the benefit in an easy, portable format you can listen to ANY time.


Do you feel like you’re treading water in life? Are you always “getting ready to get ready”?

This progam gives you the skills to BE ready!

Harvard Business School notes, that of their graduates, the most successful were the 3% who actually wrote down their goals and consciously adjusted their lives to achieve those goals.

Rhoberta Shaler has developed the PROSPERITY ON PURPOSE™ program to simplify the steps necessary to be among those 3%.

Living richly is a state of mind. NOT a state of pocketbook.

"Living richly is living optimally. It is about making your life as effective, functional and pleasant as possible. It is about creating satisfying relationships with yourself and others. It is about discovering what it is that feeds your mind and your soul, and filling your life with activities that nurture both. "
- Rhoberta Shaler, PhD

Dr. Shaler will teach YOU how, by evaluating and realigning the way you think about yourself and the world around you, you can achieve whatever you can conceive. She’ll give you clear, practical, realistic strategies for creating the life you most want.


Listen to a recent Sunday Talk by Dr. Shaler:
Are You Walking Backwards Into Your Future?

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Get off your if’s, and’s & but's... TAKE ACTION!

Forget the excuses:

      • "I want to but I can't afford to do it"
      • "Why do the rich get the opportunities?"
      • "I don't get it."
      • "What will people think if I change?"
      • "That stuff is just for people who are already successful."
      • "I'm already successful enough"
      • "I don't have time..."
      • "This is my lot, I can't achieve any more."
      • "It's not fair! How am I supposed to get ahead when the information is reserved for the people who don' t need it as much??"
      • "I've taken every program out there and I'm still not achieving my dreams..."

No matter where you are in life, the elements of the Prosperity on Purpose™ program will lift your sights and elevate your results from acceptable to EXCEPTIONAL.

The beauty of Dr. Shaler's Prosperity on Purpose™ program is that it's accessible to EVERYONE - at EVERY LEVEL.

Prosperity on Purpose™ breaks the mold of "success" programs by offering practical, useable, valuable strategies for every stage along the path to success.

No matter where you are in your life, you can start today!
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